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BoardroomPR is a digital-PR advertising and marketing firm as well as search engine optimization supplier offering services to Florida public relations customers. In today’s hyper-competitive service setting, having a high level of online presence as well as an engaging message is crucial  for your success. Customers and service choice manufacturers, alike, currently utilize the internet

as their main source of study in determining who to purchase from or work with for specialist solutions. Today, there are more than 5.5 billion Google internet searches daily. When individuals and organizations can conveniently locate your maximized site on their mobile device or computer, your company growth and sales procedure can start.

A little history: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the procedure of raising the presence of a website. Specialists research just how Google and others rate websites sites as well as web pages and afterwards utilize that expertise to affect the natural or all-natural internet search engine position for a certain keyword expression. To put it simply, search engine optimization aids internet sites rate greater for details, targeted keyword phrase expressions that can create certified leads as well as revenue-producing consumers. Presently, Google search creates over 70% of the overall market of search questions and is the significant system for our search engine optimization tasks and also results-driven efficiency.

Each BoardroomPR Internet Search Engine Project is meticulously assessed, where a customized search engine optimization strategy is crafted as well as executed to make the most of the project’s performance and also long-lasting outcomes.

Phenomenal PR firm. They are responsible and have the best talent. I can't imagine working with anyone else.

Lisbeth Pena

My experience with BoardroomPR has been outstanding. Their ability to connect the dots with traditional and digital PR is exceptional. In addition to their PR and social services, they are also very well connected in the local Tampa community as well as many of our key vertical markets. I highly recommend them.

Manny Janero

BoardroomPR has done a great job gaining us publicity in the industries we work within. They were also instrumental in helping us develop a crisis plan (for marketing). Michelle, Don, Hugo and all others we worked with have been a pleasure to do business with. Looking forward to new opportunities with the firm.

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see our work.

Search Engine Optimization Process:

• Conduct strategic analysis of the client’s unique business niche online competition and opportunities
• Identify the most valuable search keyword phrases
• Review all existing website content pages and SEO architecture – changes recommended
• Make an in-depth study of existing “on-page” SEO formatting and custom re-writing of page URL addresses, title tags, page descriptions, and meta keywords
• Each month, create high-quality inbound links utilizing anchor text keyword from a proprietary private blog network
• Closely monitor campaign progress and give client clear concise monthly rankings reports of Google keyword search engine results
• Grow website traffic monthly, and number of keywords on Google page 1
• Explore the opportunity of creating additional strategic web pages targeting keywords for “city” locations, niche products and or events
• Review existing blog and give recommendations in regards to how to maximize SEO benefits via blog cross-linking
• Integrate campaign with Google analytics, webmaster tools, Google business listing, and other directory listings and assets
• Report campaign results from monthly via personal consultations and closely review client feedback to quantify campaigns ROI and discuss additional growth opportunities

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

1. Create Crawlable Link Structures

Just as search engines need to see content to list pages in their massive keyword-based indexes, they also need to see links to find the content in the first place. A crawlable link structure — one that lets Google’s web crawlers browse the pathways of a website—is vital to them finding all of the web pages. Hundreds of thousands of sites make the critical mistake of structuring their navigation in ways that search engines cannot access, hindering their ability to get pages listed in the search results.

2. Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is one of the most troublesome problems any website can face. Over the past few years, search engines have cracked down on pages with thin or duplicate content by assigning them lower rankings. Make sure old or redundant pages are removed from your website hosting account.

3. Focus on Internal Linking

Internal linking helps to build page authority and allows your readers to navigate easily within your website. If you provide them with further relevant reading options, they will be tempted to stay on your site longer. It is also a signal to search engine like Google that your website is appropriate for important keywords in your niche business.

4. Increase the word count on each of your web pages

Google wants substance, evidence, and facts from authority entities in your business niche. Longer text content ranks significantly higher in organic search than shorter content pages. The average number of words of Google Page 1 website is over 1,700 words. Give Google and your website visitors what they want: interesting, meaningful, and detailed content on your products and services.

5. Study the website of a high-ranking competitor

There are a considerable number of tools available to compare your website SEO characteristics with your competitors’ site. But don’t merely steal their content and mimic their website attributes. The goal is to understand what Google likes about their website and for you to provide excellent content and a more robust and engaging website experience vs. your competitor.

Some of these characteristics can be technically quantitative on how your website functions while other elements can be more aesthetic and subjective. Study both quantitative and qualitative attributes of the website that Google favors in your niche market:

• Page load time
• Number of inbound and cross-links
• Cross-browser compatibility
• Broken links
• Trust elements on the site
• User-friendly navigation
• Call-to-action characteristics
• Fonts and graphics used

6. Social Media Reach and Interaction with your website

Social media PR activity can give you an in-depth insight into why your competitors might rank higher than you in Search Engine Result Pages. Social media signals can contribute significantly to website ranking. Check which social media sites your competitors are visible on, their level of engagement on those sites, their number of followers/fans, and how often they interact with their followers on each platform. Also, check the average number of shares they get over a period of time on social media.

Integrated Internet Marketing – Bringing the pieces together

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great and arguably essential tool that should be utilized to its fullest potential by nearly every business. When you google your company, your site should be the first link that you see following the initial ads. Your goal is to be in the three pack and we accomplish this by using Google My Business. On your company’s Google My Business, the business’s information should be clearly stated, along with positive reviews, pictures and contact information. We know how to utilize search engine optimization to ensure that your company’s Google My Business is accurate and up to date at all times. We do this by directly uploading social media posts, providing directories (citations) with your company’s name and contact information across the web and by monitoring reviews. In addition to this, you should have an included Q&A section that allows potential clients to understand your business. The methods we use are strongly linked to our social media marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is essential because it is not just about understanding algorithms. Good SEO practices improve the web visitor experience and usability of a web site. Users trust search engines, and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching increases the website’s trust.

Local Online Marketing

Google Maps and Yelp are just some of the many local directories on the internet. As a South Florida SEO company, BoardroomPR will ensure that you will be found wherever your customers are looking for you. There are possible niche directory services specific to your industry that will allow you to create a customizable web page and create valuable links to your website and content. The BoardroomPR team can find and create these business listings for you.

Social Media Optimization

Over 1 billion people are active on social networks. Benefit from the potential of Facebook and other social networks to strengthen your online brand image and build excellent customer relations. Social Media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, can create meaningful website traffic to your website, which can help bolster your rankings in Google search results by producing evidence that your website is engaging with web users.

Google AdWords PPC Campaigns

It’s a fact, Google AdWords or Pay-per-click Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns can work faster than a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Campaign. Also, these campaigns can be extremely profitable and advisable when the pay-per-click cost is modest compared to the revenue that a new client or customer may produce.

If you have a big-ticket niche product that sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the cost per click is only a few dollars, then pay per click can be an instant fast track method to grow your business. A revenue-producing PPC campaign can target your most valuable keywords within a tight geographical area, thus giving your business instant visibility and qualified website visitors.

Facebook Ads and Boost Posts

A significant benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience at a modest cost. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising ever created. You can advertise to Facebook members by age, interests, behavior, home ownership, and location.

A Facebook marketing campaign can also be extremely profitable when your product has a visual appeal or is something that many people within an interest will share socially with their friends. The key is that the product or service must be harmonious and welcome on a social media platform. A standard Facebook advertising strategy is to create a boosted post, which is essentially an interesting and engaging post that has the capability of creating a revenue.

Video and YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second most-popular search engine and the third most-visited website worldwide, behind Google and Facebook. In recent years, online video use has grown exponentially, with over 4 billion videos viewed daily. Your business can reach your target audience, both by creating videos on the YouTube platform and advertising your business on other people’s videos. Also, you can publish your YouTube business message videos to your website and all your social media platforms. The significant aspect is that your content is viewable and sharable 24 hours a day and never dies. It’s like have a TV commercial that always runs. The key is to make the content and channel exciting and engaging enough to create fans that are willing to share your content.

Today, it’s likely that a variety of internet marketing and conventional marketing and PR strategies are required to meet your most ambitious marketing and growth objectives. BoardroomPR’s broadly experienced and highly qualified SEO Consultants can create a custom and integrated marketing solution to take your business to the next level. But you have to take action to get the results you deserve.

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