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Our top Florida social media team consists of content producers, storytellers, analysts, and strategists who are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

This Tampa marketing firm will design social media campaigns that not only engage your target audience but also generate a return on investment. This includes establishing profiles, conducting audience research, developing audiences, creating monthly social media calendars with images, videos, photography and reporting monthly social media calendar engagement.

You can keep a strong presence on websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube with the assistance of the BoardroomPR social media team. We begin by creating a plan that guarantees you will be interacting with the appropriate audiences while using the appropriate content. From there, we will regularly set up and manage all of your pages. We construct content calendars before selecting or producing the ideal media, including images, videos, and graphics. Additionally, we’ll keep an eye on the discussions occurring on your sites and work with you to respond. We also oversee paid advertising efforts that generate actual client leads. Each month, you will receive a thorough report outlining all of the crucial metrics that enable us to adjust our target groups and messaging while guaranteeing that we are generating a return on investment.

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If you are looking for a Tampa public relations pro or for a comprehensive social media plan, look no further than BoardroomPR. I’ve gotten to know the team in Tampa and would absolutely recommend them.

David Baciocco

The BoardroomPR team has been a pleasure to work with as they are determined to deliver the most exceptional public relations and social media campaign strategies. Boardroom staff went the extra mile to ensure that our company was receiving the best publicity possible. The PR and multi-media professionals that I partnered with were extremely knowledgable and consistently implemented ideas to increase campaign engagement within my company. Any business or firm that is looking for the most reputable and proficient public relations professionals should without a doubt inquire about BoardroomPR. You will not be let down!

Morgan Raines

platforms we manage.


Facebook’s platform allows one to share photo and video content with a large caption range. We create digital content that markets your company in the best possible light. We’ll create a community for your audience to be a part of. This produces engagement and gets people excited about your company. We’re also able to run advertisements for your company on this platform.


Instagram is a popular platform, especially for younger audiences. It is strictly a photo and video sharing app where there are endless creative possibilities. Like Facebook, we can run advertisements for your company. There are many aspects on Instagram that can get your audience to engage with you. As a leading Tampa public relations firm, we take advantage of these details to create exciting content for you.


Linkedin is a great platform for sharing professional work and making meaningful connections. We can help you network, market your company to other peers, and attract young professionals. Like Facebook, Linkedin provides numerous ways to share content. Creative freedoms provide opportunity for new and exciting content to be conceived. In order to network with other professionals, create connections, and produce more leads, BoardroomPR can manage the LinkedIn profiles of the executive team members on your team.


Twitter is a platform where quick and short captions are shared within seconds. Videos and photos are included. We can create eye catching content where your audience will be on the edge of their seat to know more. Our content will have them engaged and involved with your company.


YouTube is a great platform to post your videos so they can be shared to other platforms and other people. The video content we create will tell the story of your company. It’ll cover your mission and vision as well as your products or services. These in-depth videos give your viewers an inside look at your company.


Snapchat is one of the platforms where you will reach younger audiences. Its quick 24 hour-lasting stories are great for sharing different kinds of information at different times. We can run multipart stories to engage younger audiences. We will also use your location to make sure they know where it is coming from.


Pinterest allows people to find ideas about anything they please. We can share photos and create graphics of your company’s services or products. A link to your website will be included so customers can get more involved with it. This kind of informative content will help customers find your product or service.

Ways we #TurnUpTheVolume:

1. Content Creation
2. Performance Social (a.k.a Paid Advertising)
3. Analytics Reporting

Video Production for Social Media

Video is one of the essential elements of an effective social media strategy. Our top Tampa video production team of multimedia professionals works hard to develop a user-interactive experience that will convey your story in a clear and understandable manner. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram are stepping up their video content promotion, which will increase video interaction. According to studies, a clip can be up to 600% more successful as a marketing tool than print and direct mail put together.

Community Management

For optimal results, it’s crucial to answer queries and participate in discussions promptly. Our top Tampa marketing consultants actively engage and continuously monitor activity. Users are more likely to purchase products and services from brands they are familiar with, so it’s crucial to strike up conversations in order to establish rapport, credibility, and confidence. In addition, the algorithms on Facebook and Instagram reward companies for engaging with their fans. Your posts are more likely to show up higher on users’ timelines the more interaction they receive.

Paid social media and Lead Generation

Posting alone won’t gain ground because the organic reach of unpaid social media marketing keeps declining. However, not all these social media networks’ advertising options are a good match for every type of company, even though they do offer them. Our staff is knowledgeable about which social media platforms are best for marketing your company, and we can help you create a budget that is both reasonable and effective.

Targeting capabilities include using the Facebook Pixel to retarget website users; creating lookalike audiences; creating custom audiences; and targeting by zip codes, cities, etc.

 Competitive Analysis

Our top-rated Gulf Coast public relations consultants are able to monitor the competition on your behalf. We’ll inform you of everything they’re doing, not doing, and everything in between. As a leading Tampa-St. Pete public relations agency, we know how to keep up with your competition.

 Analytics + reporting

The firm will be able to determine what your audience is responding to and where we need to focus by keeping a close eye on all our efforts. In addition to demonstrating ROI, our analyses also let you know what’s working and what isn’t; we identify patterns, examine audience behavior, and monitor conversions. This is a crucial component of the campaign so that we can examine our results and determine what needs to be done next. We track trends through media graphs and charts to measure audience growth, engagement and website visits.

So how do we do that? We listen.

At BoardroomPR, we know social media. We elevate our clients’ social media platforms. From crafting your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel, corporate blog, or other social media presence, or improving what you already have, we make your social presence consumer-friendly and media-ready. We work with your executives to grow your social media presence, build an audience, and maximize engagement.

Month to month, you tell us your marketing goals and we develop creative content strategies that are likely to get you the desired results. From vivid imagery to eye-catching animation to customized graphics, we integrate the latest social media trends with top-notch multimedia software to generate content that gets your audience engaged.

And, let’s not forget video. Social media platforms prefer them to photos. Why? Because their users (your target audience) like them better, too. Studies show that a clip can be up to 600 percent more effective as a marketing tool than print and direct mail combined. Videos are the perfect way to captivate your audience and tell your story.

Performance Social a.k.a Paid Advertising

The organic reach of unpaid social media marketing continues to decline, so simply posting won’t make the cut.

We help you compete on social media.

However, just because the main social media networks offer advertising options, not all are a great fit for every business. We identify the right social media networks to advertise your business and put together a realistic budget that’s going to help you see the desired results. Along the way, your brand builds its presence. Your message gets delivered. Your influence is extended in ways unheard of generations ago.

Plus, we keep an eye on the competition. We’ll tell you what they’re doing, what they’re not and everything in between.

Quality over quantity.

We produce paid social media campaigns that are likely to get high-quality results from the audience you’re targeting. We work with you in identifying your target audience on each platform so we can create an engaged following for your business that’s comprised of your biggest supporters and potential customers.

We push them along the sales funnel.

We utilize the Facebook Pixel, the company’s advertising service, and your customized lists to market to your website visitors, current and past clients and prospects with creative social media ads.

Analytics Reporting

The importance of social media reports continues to increase as businesses invest more and more in social media. Our analyses not only demonstrate ROI, but we also show you what’s working, and what’s not; we pinpoint trends, study audience behavior and track conversions.

It doesn’t stop there.

We go beyond reporting the data; we study each post and part of the campaign to make adjustments for better performance.
Reputation Management

While BoardroomPR is a top South Florida crisis management firm, we don’t want you to get to a point where you need us for that. The best way to avoid a crisis is to be proactive. By managing your online reputation, we know how to protect you and your company from crises born out of miscommunications, oversights or client frustration. By handling situations as they arise and always maintaining an awareness of what your audience values, we are able to help you avoid crises. Sometimes clients can become frustrated and leave a comment or a review that is less than ideal for your company’s image. We know how to handle every situation uniquely to provide an outcome with both a happy customer and a maintained reputation for your company. Clearing up miscommunications as they arise is always better than waiting for a situation to spiral into a full-blown crisis.

Competitive Analysis

Type your name into Google. What are the results? You want to maintain a social media presence that reflects the reputation that you have worked so hard to create. By optimizing our team of expert SEO consultants, we know how to make sure that your best assets are the first results that clients see. As a top South Florida SEO company, this is something we take very seriously.

We constantly monitor your competitors’ social media presences so that you don’t have to. By keeping up with social media trends and maintaining an awareness of current events, we know how to keep your social media fresh and engaging. We’re always striving to be ahead of the curve, so that you can stay ahead of the curve. Contact us today for a free competitive analysis so that you can see your position in your social media market.

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