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Website Management

Nowadays, a company’s website is the first spot customers look to do their research.

Designing and writing websites for legal firms, accounting firms, real estate developers, retailers, and technology businesses is something BoardroomPR excels at. We’ll make sure your website not only looks great but is also made up correctly on the back end to increase the likelihood that it will rank highly in search engines. We can continue to manage the material for you after a site is finished and delivered.

Blog Management

Blogs are an effective tool for reaching your target group with your messages. They give you the chance to establish your subject-matter authority and gain devoted supporters. Blogs are a popular place for journalists to discover authoritative sources for their articles, and some newspapers even let you link your blog to theirs. You can climb the search engine rankings with the aid of blogs that contain the right keywords. If you don’t have the time, BoardroomPR will set up your blog and compose posts on your behalf on a regular basis.

Content Management

On social media, users desire a more personal, intimate encounter. Our social media department specializes in developing material that takes into consideration how your audience uses various platforms and their preferred methods of information consumption. We refer to this process as producing meaningful engagement because, in the end, these interactions turn visitors into fans, friends, and clients. We combine the most recent social media trends with the best multimedia software to create content that achieves your goals, from vivid images and video to attention-grabbing animation and personalized graphics. Although there isn’t a defined rule for how many posts should be published each week, we can work with you to develop a schedule that suits your needs.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

BoardroomPR oversees a number of SEO initiatives that have propelled client rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to page one, with some of them even reaching the coveted #1 spot. After 60 days, most clients start to see effects.  To maximize the effectiveness and long-term results of each BoardroomPR firm search engine strategy, a custom SEO game plan is created and put into action.

Online directory Presence

Have you ever observed that the company’s Google or Yahoo business listing appears before other listings when you search for a business online? BoardroomPR not only helps clients get the most out of their online directory entries, but we also regularly update your profile with new text, photos, and videos. Additionally, we make sure that all the data is accurate and homogeneous.

Business manager & chatbot implementation

Utilize a business messenger that is integrated directly into your website to communicate with prospective customers whenever it is most convenient for them. Even after business hours, when a live person isn’t accessible, a business messenger with a chatbot can respond to common queries. This can be handled for you by our consultants.

BoardroomPR is the leading public relations firm in Tampa and Florida statewide. They provide great service and can make the phone ring of your best prospective customers. Highly recommend!

Pamela French

We have been a client of BoardroomPR for a few years and they are an outstanding company. Jenn Clarin and Andrea Ugarte are so great to work with. Their level of professionalism and responsiveness is outstanding. They also provide the TLC needed in this type of client relationship.

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At BoardroomPR, we know what makes a great website. Your website should reinforce your brand, promote your image, and provide a user friendly formatting, catered to your audience. Having potential clients visit your website means nothing if they aren’t motivated to take action. That’s why we view a successful website as a funnel. Your website should appear engaging and entertaining to hook your audience and then ultimately result in lead generation. We accomplish this by focusing on four major aspects: Architecture, Development, Management, and Engagement.

Essential aspects of your website that should be kept in mind include, keywords, clear and informative heading tags, internal link, clear formatting and engaging visuals.

Competitive Analysis

Before a website can go live, there is a crucial process that must occur first. We begin with an initial meeting. We want to get to know you, your goals and your motivations. This is the time to conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis so we can identify your place in your market. We want to know what we can highlight and use in our favor on your website and what we need to improve. This is the time for us to look into your competitors. We can see how they are succeeding and identify their shortcomings and then find out what you want to take away from those lessons. From here we will look into your SEO rankings and how your current platforms, including social media, blogs and podcasts, are preforming. We end this initial analysis by looking at example of sites to identify what you like.

Website Architecture

Arguably the most important aspect of a website, website architecture is the structure that will make up your site. The goal is to create the aforementioned funnel. Nowadays, the mobile versions of websites take precedence. Most of your potential clients will likely discover you while searching the web on their cell phone or tablet. We plan for this and ensure that your website is optimized for any device. Another aspect of architecture is your site’s URL. There are many questions to be asked about this, including how old your URL is, if it is optimally named and if it has brought you success in the past. Old URLs are best and URLs with important SEO keywords are even better. After we establish these basic prerequisites, we can create a sample static home page for your site. The aesthetic of your website should take huge priority, since this is what clients will see and notice first.

Website Development

To have a successful website, you must be sure that it is appealing to your audience. Every website incorporates key elements essential to online marketing. We encourage client blogs to drive recurring, relevant content that attracts the attention of search engines and prospective customers alike. We embed SEO keywords and phrases that further elevate the site’s exposure across the internet. In addition to this we include keywords in metatags and alt descriptions to promote more exposure from behind the scenes. One of the most essential aspects of a website is its visual component. Video, as a multimedia medium, pairs exceptionally well with text-based content. While narrative text can be excellent on its own, a video may serve to engage your audience longer. The more engaging your website, the more likely people are to stay. While visiting your website, it’s important that your audience feels a connection to your brand. A website is in many ways a first impression, and one should always lead with their personality and authentic values. This is the goal of branding. Consumers should leave your website feeling as though they understand your company and that understanding should match the message that you are working to promote. So much of website development is communication and while text and words are usually the first form of communication that comes to mind, visuals are often more impactful, memorable and engaging.

User Engagement

Website development does not stop once the site goes live, in fact it really only just begins. Once your website is live, we ensure to install Google Analytics to measure performance on all platforms. We are able to track the traffic onto and away from your website, identifying opportunities and shortcomings alike. We leverage your strengths to improve your website and eliminate weaknesses. Traffic onto your website can be tracked from its origin, meaning we can tell how well your social media, blog posts and podcasts are promoting engagement. Your website should never be static, instead it should always be improving and evolving.

Website SEO

When you google your company, your site should be the first link that you see following the initial ads. Your goal is to be in the Google Three Pack and we accomplish this by using Google My Business. On your company’s Google My Business, the business’s information should be clearly stated, along with positive reviews, pictures and contact information. We know how to utilize search engine optimization to ensure that your company’s Google My Business is accurate and up to date at all times.

We do this by linking the Google My Business page to your website along with directly uploading social media posts, providing directories (citations) with your company’s name and contact information across the web and by monitoring reviews. In addition to this, you should have an included Q&A section that allows potential clients to understand your business. The methods we use are strongly linked to our social media marketing strategies.

Website Target Audiences

Know your audience. Your website should cater to the correct audience to promote engagement. Your target audience makes a huge difference for the design and format of your website. Consider your target client. Do you expect them to be technologically savvy? In a hurry? Easily distracted? Knowing everything that you possibly can about your target client will allow you to apply that information so your website analytics can soar. Your website should individually cater to the different segments of your audience. For example, you might consider including different tabs for different channels of your business.

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